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Olds News

Elderly woman drives through storefront

Elderly woman drives through storefront

Employees of the Didsbury Dollar Store are beginning to relax after watching in disbelief as a silver Toyota Corolla drove through the shop's front doors stopping next to the register.

Holy Trinity class receives green award

The Grade 4 class of Alana Robertson recently received a Sunlight Green Grant award for a play they created and three songs they wrote about recycling.

Calgary motorist headed to court

A 32-year-old Calgary man is headed to Didsbury court on April 4 following a single-vehicle collision about 32 kilometres east of Olds early in the morning on Feb. 19. RCMP responded to a call just prior to 3 a.m.

ERCB reassures town about safety procedures

Staff from the Energy Resources Conservation Board outlined their mandate and the importance of communication with municipalities during the town's Policies and Priorities meeting on Feb. 22.

Former high school to begin deconstruction

Work on deconstructing the former Olds High School building will begin later this week, with the work expected to be completed by the beginning of May. The Municipal Planning Commission approved the permit for the work at its Feb. 17 meeting.

Service clubs come through in big way for new lodge

Service clubs in Olds combined to recently hand over $23,500 to the Mountain View Seniors' Housing Foundation to help pay for interior furnishings for the newly-renovated Mount View Lodge.

Council weighing options on waste disposal

Olds town council received a presentation from Waste Management Inc. on Feb. 22 about the service they could offer to Olds residents if the firm is chosen to provide solid waste pickup to businesses and multi-family dwellings.

Bowden community centre plan to be unveiled

An open house regarding the potential building of an indoor activity centre in Bowden will be held on March 10 between 5 and 8:30 p.m. at the Friendship Centre.

Local investigators put in long hours on recent bust

Olds RCMP members worked extensive hours during the recent investigation into the Rexall Drug Store robbery, with three members working a combined 200 man-hours in the five days leading up to the arrest of the suspects.

MV Seniors Housing Foundation hoping for more members

With the expected completion of the Mount View Lodge only a few weeks away, the public was invited last week to take a tour of the new facility.