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Town of Olds tackling splash park water loss

Concerns in Olds about water getting in where it shouldn’t extends to the splash park
Parks and recreation facilities manager Ken Krueger discusses projects with Olds town councillors during a special budget meeting Nov. 22.

OLDS — The town’s concerns about infiltration – water getting in where it shouldn’t – extend to the splash park, parks and recreation facilities manager Ken Krueger says. 

During a special budget meeting on Nov. 22, Krueger told council water is getting through cracks in the splash park’s concrete pad.  

The Town of Olds has earmarked $8,000 to tackle that problem. 

“There’s deterioration in that pad and the joints are cracking and we’re getting infiltration into the sub-base so that’s what the purpose of this is; to deal with that and especially the joints and infiltration,” he said. 

Earlier, council approved a $1.5 million to attack water loss, known as I & I (inflow and infiltration). 

A town news release issued Nov. 23 said an investigation found leaks at 36 different locations, affecting both private properties and municipal land.   

Coun. Wanda Blatz expressed concern about when the work will be done. 

“It’ll be done early spring I assume and there would be little downtime that would affect the opening of the splash park,” she said. 

“Because it is highly utilized and I’d hate to see it be a project that goes two months into the middle of summer when we have a short season anyway.” 

“Yeah, it’s not a long project. We could do it in the spring, before start-up,” Krueger said. 

“Oh, perfect. Thank you,” Blatz replied.  

The meeting proceeded with no further comment on that project. 

Doug Collie

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