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Town of Olds council backs resolution to enhance rural health staff

Alberta Municipalities convention will be held Sept. 27-29 in Edmonton

OLDS — The Town of Olds is seconding a resolution before the Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) fall convention to expand capacity to train combined laboratory and X-ray technologists for rural Alberta.

“Rural health-care facilities require staff with a wider, multi-disciplinary skill set, known as a Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technologist (CLXT), than the staff that are required in conventional urban settings,” an explanation in a list of ABmunis council’s agenda package says. 

The convention will be held Sept. 27-29 in Edmonton. 

That’s just one of several resolutions regarding rural Alberta. 

Others call for:  

• protection for vulnerable residential tenants;

• enhanced funding for rent assistance and temporary rent assistance benefits;

• measures to address homelessness and associated social needs in rural communities;

• rural access to supports for addictions, homelessness and mental health;

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coverage for community peace officers under the Workers Compensation Act; and

• integration of nurse practitioners into the Alberta healthcare system to help address the difficulty of attracting essential health care workers to smaller communities.  

A list of the resolutions included in council’s agenda package recommended voting in support of all of them. 

“Resolutions adopted by members annually at convention are typically active for three years,” a memo from town staff says. 

“Alberta Municipalities administration, standing committees, and the board take action to develop and implement advocacy strategies for each resolution.” 

“There seems to be quite a few resolutions that we could have moved and/or seconded, because there’s quite a few that are affecting our community,” deputy mayor Heather Ryan said. 

"I concur,” mayor Judy Dahl said. “It’ll be a very good listening and learning experience, for sure.” 

Doug Collie

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