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Three people now in Olds council byelection race

Deadline to file nomination papers is Dec. 9 at noon
Three people have announced their intention to run in the Town of Olds council byelection so far. File photo/MVP Staff

OLDS — As of yesterday morning, three people had filed papers to run in the Jan. 20 civic byelection.

They are former town councillor Rudy Durieux, Sundai Cody, and Olds Institute executive director Mitch Thomson.

Cody announced her intention to run on the weekend. Thomson announced his plans to do so about 10 days ago.

Durieux could not be reached for comment at press time.

The bylection is being held to replace former councillor Wade Bearchell, who resigned on Oct. 22, citing personal reasons.

The deadline for filing nomination papers is noon on Dec. 9.

During an interview, Cody said she had been mulling over the idea of running in the byelection for a while, but basically made up her mind after attending the official launch of the provincial budget in Edmonton.

“I enjoyed that so much, I just, I said to Terry, ‘I think I missed my calling.’ And he said, ‘well, don’t you run, for town council?’

“That rolled around for a while and I thought, ‘yeah, why not? I can provide a fresh citizen’s point of view,’” she said during an interview.

“I’ve not had the opportunity to be on council before so I just thought, I think it would be a good spot for the people. I am the people.”

Cody, 51, is the wife of local lawyer Terry Cody.

They moved to Olds from Vancouver about 10 years ago, initially so that Terry could article for a local law firm. But they knew immediately they were going to stay here.

“I remember the first day we drove into town; it felt like home. So ever since we’ve been here, we wanted to be part of a community,” she said.

Since then, both have become very involved in the community. In Cody’s case, she has been a member of the Uptowne Olds and Community Lifestyles committees as well as volunteer with the Olds Fashioned Christmas light-up event.

So far, Cody doesn’t have any issues she’d like to resolve if elected to council, aside from housing, which she says is “a big issue.”

“I would like to hear from the people on what their issues are,” she said.

“I’m the kind of person who says, if someone says ‘we need help,’ I’m like, ‘OK, where do you want me?’

“I know I’m not an experienced candidate for sure,” she said with a laugh. “But it just seems like a natural fit. I’ve got an opinion, I’ve got a voice and I’m strong.”

Cody works at the Cody & Company law firm.

“That’s why this makes a naturally good fit, because I do the books and run the office there. My job is a part-time job, so I’m flexible enough to be able to do both,” she said.