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Reminder given to ensure necessary permits for work in Olds

Lots of renovation projects have been undertaken during COVID but homeowners might be in for a surprise if they don't have permits for that work

OLDS — If you’re doing minor renovations in or around your home, contact the Town of Olds' planning and development department to find out if you need a permit for that work, acting operations director Doug Wagstaff says.

Too many people don’t bother to do so, and that can cause grief when they try to sell their property later on, he said during the town’s Municipal Planning Commission meeting on June 17.

He said sometimes when people try to sell their property issues can arise over decks or other renovations for which no permits were ever issued.

Wagstaff noted that a lot of residents have been doing things like home improvement projects and deck extensions, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When they’re doing renovations like decks in particular, a lot of our residents aren’t aware that that would require them taking out a permit,” Wagstaff said.

That’s why when contemplating such projects it’s always wise to contact the town’s planning and development department and find out if – or what – permits are needed for that work.

“When you’re doing renovations in your yard, whether it’s fences or decks or what you might think of as minor additions, do make that phone call or (send that) email into the town’s planning and development department, just to verify that you don’t need any of these type of things that might come up later,” he said.


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