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Policy to recognize departing councillors ratified

Next municipal election occurs in the fall of 2021

OLDS — Council has agreed on what they’ll do for councillors who resign or are defeated in the 2021 municipal election.

The policy was first hammered out in 2016. It was examined during council’s Sept. 14 meeting and remains unchanged.

Chief administrative officer Michael Merritt will formally recognize departing councillors during the first council meeting after they have left.

At that time, each departing councillor will receive a letter with the mayor’s signature, their name plate, and recognition of their service to council.

When the mayor is sworn in, they receive an engraved gavel. When they resign or are not re-elected, the engraving is completed and the gavel is presented to them.

Council agreed upon the following gifts.

A councillor who completes one term will receive a $100 gift. If they have completed a second term, the value rises to $320.

If they have completed a third term, the gift will have a value $720 and a value of $1,200 if they have completed four terms.

Councillors who have completed five or more terms will receive a gift valued at a maximum of $2,000.

“Council reserves the right to withhold any form of recognition if an elected official is relieved of their office,” the policy says.

Also, if a councillor resigns before a term is up, Merritt has the right to determine what recognition they’ll receive on a pro-rated basis.