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Outdoor RV storage yard approved for north end of Olds

The Town of Olds' municipal planning commission approved plans for a storage facility to be located at 3201 50th Avenue

OLDS — An outdoor RV storage yard on the north end of Olds has been approved by the municipal planning commission.

Plans call for the facility to be located at 3201 50th Avenue. 

Development officer Kyle Sloan said the storage yard won’t be the primary use of the property. It’ll be an accessory use, as there are three residences on the land. 

He also pointed out that the town’s land used bylaw does allow for outdoor RV storage. 

A draft approval document said the proposal for the yard received by town staff does not include any new construction “allowing the parcel to easily be redeveloped in the future in alignment with the Municipal Development Plan. Therefore, administration supports approval of this application.” 

Sloan told commissioners that use of the land fits in with the town’s intention to eventually zone the area for highway commercial and industrial businesses. 

It also fits in with another concept for the area; to eventually build a fly-over of Highway 2A and the railway there.  

Sloan said seven landowners in the area were notified of the application for the RV yard in both Olds and Mountain View County.  

“No objections or concerns were received from area property owners,” he said. 

Following are the conditions in the draft approval of the application. 

• The development must be constructed in accordance with the approved plans and conditions. 

• Any revisions to the approved plans (including non-completion of the development) must be submitted for approval to the development authority. 

• If any gravel or hard surfacing is implemented on the parcel, a drainage plan shall be submitted to the satisfaction of town engineering staff or consultants prior to construction. 

• Prior to operation, a site plan showing unit parking and access points shall be provided to the satisfaction of the fire inspector. Multiple access points may be required in addition to adequate room for fire trucks to turn around within the property. 

• Camping and/or any residential occupancy is not permitted in any recreational vehicles on the lot.

• A business licence shall be obtained from the Town of Olds prior to commencing operation of the storage yard. 

• If the development authorized by a development permit is not commenced within 12 months from the date of issue, nor carried out with reasonable diligence, such permit approval ceases and the permit itself is deemed void, expired, and without effect, unless an extension of this period has been previously granted. 

• The development officer may, by notice in writing, suspend a development permit where development has occurred in contravention to the terms and conditions of the permit and/or land use bylaw. 

• Use and development of the subject site shall conform to all other applicable requirements of the Town of Olds Land Use Bylaw 01-23 except where a relaxation has been expressly granted.