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Olds seniors are in for some treats this week

Seniors' Week happening June 7-13
MVT celebrate seniors

OLDS — June 7-13 is Seniors Week in Olds. Town council approved the proclamation during its May 10 meeting.

Seniors are in for some treats during that period.

Katharine Doyle, one of the town’s community facilitators, has arranged for five local businesses to each offer treats for free for seniors on a rotating basis.

Doyle said she got that idea from a town official in Innisfail who organized a similar event.

“Seniors love to get together; they love to interact. It’s a pleasure to be there. They also like to have some treats, whether it’s coffee, cake, something like that,” Doyle said.

“It seemed to me a win/win in that we are recognizing seniors with a little treat. We are also engaging five businesses within the town of Olds to maybe help stimulate their business efforts during this week as well.”

Coun. Mary Anne Overwater asked what the age bracket of a senior is, jokingly suggesting she’d like to get in on that deal. 

"I certainly would not have anyone have to provide proof of age with their driver’s licence,” Doyle said, sparking some laughter. 

“So if you are asking for the special treat, then certainly we would be more than happy to provide you with that.”

Doyle said there doesn’t appear to be a set, agreed-upon age that qualifies someone as a senior, adding some say it begins at age 50 others say it starts at 65 or maybe even older.

Coun. Wanda Blatz praised the program.

“I think it’s really great that we’ve got our local businesses stepping up and offering some of the treats on each individual day and I hope that we will proceed to give them some recognition at the time,” Blatz said.

“Maybe that will encourage some of our other local businesses to also provide something special for seniors during the week.”

Coun. Mary Jane Harper echoed that thought. She asked how the cost of the treats is being covered.

"We have a budget for seniors,” Doyle said. “And so with the budget, each business has been allotted X number of dollars per day.”

She said that’s why the treats are being advertised along with coupons. 


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