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Olds officials offer tips to prevent basement flooding during rainfall

As the rain continues to fall, Olds town officials have some advice for homeowners to prevent rain water from flooding their basements

OLDS — As the rain keeps falling, town officials have provided some advice to help homeowners prevent rain water from flooding their basements. 

Homeowners are advised to: 

  • Keep downspouts, eavestroughs, gutters, and concrete swales clear of debris;
  • Position downspouts away from the house and towards the front or rear of your property, at least six feet away from the foundation;
  • Ensure your sump pump is working properly;
  • Check for leaks – including your basement windows to make sure there’s no damage and that they’re properly sealed. 

People are also encouraged to keep an eye on neighbourhood catch basins, which are the storm sewer grates located on the street. Their purpose is to facilitate storm runoff drainage into the storm sewer.  

Town officials ask anyone who sees some localized flooding around catch basins in their area to make sure the basins are not blocked by debris and water is flowing freely.