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Olds choir back performing at seniors' facilities

Evergreen Choir is booked to perform on Canada Day but hopes to perform elsewhere soon as well
MVT Evergreen Choir practice
Members of the Evergreen Choir give an impromptu performance at the Evergreen Centre. Doug Collie/MVP Staff

OLDS — The Evergreen Choir has given its first performance at a seniors' facility in two years. 

Phyllis Horpenuk, a member of the choir, says they sang in Mount View Lodge on Thursday, April 21. 

"This was the first performance at a senior's residence in two years and we were all delighted to be asked,” Horpenuk wrote in an email.  

She said members of the choir sang with their masks on, just to keep everyone safe, but "we belted it out so they all could hear us.”   

It felt wonderful to be able to sing in public as a group again, she said.

“All the folks from the choir love to sing (even if our voices aren't professional). We just have fun and show it,” she wrote. "We all love seeing the resident's faces light up when they recognize a song and can sing along to it.  

“It really is special to see them all get pleasure from our singing as we all know that they haven't had any entertainment in two years either.   

“It gives all who attended a nice change from the same-ole-same-ole stuff they do every day. This gives all of us a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and happiness that we brought to their lives.” 

Horpenuk is hopeful the Evergreen Choir will be able to perform at other seniors’ facilities in town soon. 

Meanwhile, she said they’ve been asked by the Canada Day organizing committee to sing on July 1 on the bandstand.    

“We look forward to that presentation and hope we can do more in the fall,” she wrote.