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COVID-19 non-compliance complaints falling

Number of complaints fell

OLDS — Municipal enforcement officers have been helping health-care workers deal with complaints of people not following rules in place to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The volume of those complaints has been falling, according to Brian Powell, director of the town’s Emergency Operations Centre.

Powell made that announcement during council’s May 11 meeting, held via Zoom.

However, he did not cite any specific statistics on cases.

Powell said health-care staff are still busy dealing with cases stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak itself as well.

“There’s been a couple of assistances and calls,” Powell said. “You can understand our local public health nursing staff has been busy dealing with a variety of complaints.

“The tempo on the uptake on that has been diminishing. Last Thursday we met with them by Zoom and they’ve indicated the quantity of calls are coming down.”