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Preema Campbell ‘Rajah’ of Innisfail, Alberta passed away on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at the age of 78 years. Preema was born in Hanguranketa, Sri Lanka on September 3, 1941. She was the twelfth of thirteen children born in her family. Preema enjoyed a loving, carefree childhood. She was very close to her youngest brother and often told stories of playing in the fields of tea leaves, near the Tea Factory. She was an outstanding student who excelled in academics and enjoyed art, singing and sports.  Preema lost her own mother as a young girl, and as a result, she was determined to become a nurse in order to help her family members and anyone else who needed medical assistance. She graduated from the Gifford Memorial School of Nursing in Nuzvid, India in 1963. She also taught at the Nursing School for a period. In 1967, Preema, her husband and her two year old daughter immigrated to Arborg, Manitoba. Preema and her husband both worked at the Arborg Hospital for two years, before accepting jobs in Innisfail. Once they relocated, the family lived in the residence of the original hospital, for their first year in Innisfail. In 1977, Preema’s son, Eric, was born. Preema’s love for her children was always apparent. She instilled in them her own values and her beliefs, of the importance of contributing to society, and to the world. Preema was always tremendously proud to tell people that she had raised a Social Worker and an RCMP Member. While working, Preema obtained a Diploma in Obstetrics and was eventually responsible for the Maternity Department, the Pediatric Ward and, for a period, the Operating Room. She enjoyed a successful career as a Registered Nurse. Preema was loved and respected by patients, colleagues, friends and her family. She worked many years, while also raising her children and living her best life. In her earlier years, Preema enjoyed travelling. She loved exploring Alberta and travelled all over Canada. She returned to Sri Lanka twice and visited the United States on several occasions, visiting friends and exploring States including: New York, Illinois, California, Washington, Nevada and Montana. Preema retired in 1996 and started a market garden at her acreage. She had a lifelong love for gardening and an innate ability to grow exceptional fruits and vegetables. Preema’s acreage was her pride and joy. She enjoyed many years of working her land and sharing the fruits of her labor, with her many friends and family members. She loved and appreciated nature and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the outdoors. Preema’s other love was her family. She had unconditional love and acceptance for her children and grandchildren. She came to Canada with a dream of providing a better life, with greater opportunities, for her family and she successfully accomplished that goal. Preema had a great sense of humor. She loved to laugh and enjoyed many hilarious and memorable adventures with her group of friends. These ladies who worked together many years ago maintained a strong friendship, that can only be described as a sisterhood. Preema lived life to the fullest and she lived it her way and on her terms. She had no regrets. Preema will forever be remembered as a beautiful, courageous woman by her daughter, Sue (Bart) Haddow, her son, Eric Rajah (Danielle) and her five grandchildren, Barrett, Emily, Jackson, Tyra and Shane. At Preema’s request, no Funeral or Memorial Service will be held. In Preema’s honor, Memorial Donations may be made directly to the Palliative Care Room, Innisfail Health Care Centre, 5023 - 42 Street, Innisfail, Alberta, T4G 1A9. Arrangements in care of Heartland Funeral Services, 4415 – 49 Street, Innisfail, Alberta, 403.227.0006