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Residential assessments in Mountain View County increased in 2021

Non-residential assessment in Mountain View County increased by 4.7 per cent

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - Overall assessment values in 2021 in Mountain View County increased by more than five per cent over 2020 totals, including a 6.72 per cent increase in residential and residential-designated industrial properties (DIP), according to the 2022 market summary report.

The report was presented and reviewed for council during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting, held in person and on Zoom. Michael Krieger, manager of assessment services, outlined the report to council.

According to the report, residential assessments in Water Valley increased by 3.98 per cent, north of Olds by 7.32 per cent, south of Carstairs by 4.66 per cent, east of Didsbury by 5.48 per cent, east of Sundre by 4.91 per cent, east of Elkton by 4.28 per cent, and east of Highway 2 by 5.37 per cent.

In 2021, total assessment values increased in four of the five property classes. Assessment is the process of estimating a dollar value on a property for the purpose of taxation.

“With these increased in four of five property classes a total taxable assessment increase of 5.24 per cent was realized with an overall growth of 2.79 per cent attributed to real growth,” the report states. 

“This can be compared with last year’s (2020) growth of 1.70 per cent overall assessment decrease and 0.12 per cent attributed to real growth.”

The non-residential assessment increased by 4.7 per cent, the machinery and equipment assessment increased by 11.13 per cent, the farmland assessment decreased by 0.11 per cent, and the linear, co-generation and railway assessment increased by 0.89 per cent.

Specifically regarding linear assessment, cable distribution increased by 5.14 per cent, electric power by 1.13 per cent, electric power generation decreased by 2.09 per cent, pipeline decreased by 0.36 per cent, railway increased by 23.5 per cent, telecommunications increased by 4.85 per cent and wells increased by 1.93 per cent.

There were 24 wells drilled in the county in 2021, compared with 105 drilled in 2014.

The assessment department used a number of methods to communicate with property owners in 2021, Krieger said.

“At the time of inspection owners are informed as to any changes being made to their assessment,” he said. “If a property owner is not home during an inspection, a written message may be left requesting that they call the assessor for more information.”

Council accepted the 2022 market summary report as information.