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Region's fire departments' update given to county council

Rundown of urban departments' response to rural incidents
File photo/MVP Staff

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - Mountain View County council has received a report updating the activities of fire departments in the region so far in 2019.

The legislative, community and agricultural services department third quarter report was presented during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

The report is provided to inform council of active and upcoming projects or priorities.

Between July 1 and Sept. 30 the Didsbury department responded to 49 calls, including 21 alarms, seven motor vehicle collisions, four vehicle fires, and two structure fire calls. Sixteen of the calls were in rural areas.

The Cremona-Water Valley department responded to 40 calls, including 32 medical assists, two fires, two motor vehicle collisions and three alarm bells. Twenty-three of the 40 calls were in Mountain View County.

The Olds department responded to 46 rural incidents, including 46 motor vehicle collisions.

The Sundre department responded to 23 incidents in Mountain View Country, 22 per cent of which were motor vehicle collisions.

Meanwhile, the economic development strategy portion of the report highlighted a number of successes, including the following:

• Create Olds-Didsbury Airport Development Plan – Stakeholder consultations have been completed Consultant is currently developing a draft plan with the collected information.

• Solar feasibility study – Request for proposal process has been completed and a consultant has been chosen to complete the interconnectivity study and financial study with respect to a potential solar installation at the McDougal gravel pit site.

The communications and public engagement strategy portion of the report also highlighted a number of successes, including the following:

• Survey councillors for feedback on communications priorities – Completed and discussed at regular council meeting. Prompted next step in the process to survey community for feedback on communication venues and media. Council gave approval to the strategic communications plan on Sept. 11.

Regarding public engagement, the report stated that 63 people attended the protection of property and persons workshop, 60 attended the reconnect with the farm tour, 270 Grade 4 students attended a presentation at Aspen Ranch Farm Safety, Agricultural and Environmental Awareness Camp, and more than 170 people took part in the strategic communications plan community survey.

Regarding twine collection, about 60 bags were collected in the quarter, with about 20 producers participating.

The grant funding allocations report stated that funding was allocated in 17 categories, including cemetery funding, citizenship awards, crime prevention grants, playground grants, and to visitor information centres.

The report was received for information.