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King Kong green-lit for Hainstock area

Regular meeting

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY – The county's municipal planning commission approving authority has OK’d a development permit for a change of use for an existing accessory building to commercial building and contractor’s business for an RV repair business.

The move came by way of motion at the commission’s recent regularly scheduled meeting in council chambers.

The property involved is located in the Hainstock rural community in Division 6 approximately one kilometre west of the intersection of Rge. Rd. 25 and Twp. Rd. 332.

The development will see a change in use of the existing building to commercial building and contractors business – King Kong RV Repair.

“The subject 6.15-acre parcel consists of a dwelling and accessory building -- shop, with additional, smaller accessory buildings, the surrounding lands are agriculture,” administration said in a briefing note to the commission.

“The parcel is a stand-alone R-CR parcel, therefore the application for a contractors business can be considered with pre-notification to surrounding landowners.”

The RV repair business will provide repairs to recreational vehicles of all aspects except motorized components, members heard.

“This includes but is not limited to structural and appliance repairs, electrical, cabinetry and plumbing as well as exterior repairs such as awning, decals, skylights, windows, bearing repacking and hitch work. They will also provide mobile RV repair services,” the note states.

The shop itself will be l,700 square feet on the property. Any outdoor storage will be limited to a maximum of 10 units.

No objections to the application were received by the county, members heard.

The approval comes with a number of conditions, including the following:

• Future expansion, work area or additional employees, will require a new development permit and may require relocation to a business park.

• The applicant, landowner and/or operator shall ensure the entire site is maintained in a neat and orderly manner.

• The proposed business shall not have more than one client visit per day and up to a maximum of three per week.

• The proposed business shall not have more than two commercial vehicles and one trailer on the subject property at any given time.

• The business of RV repairs shall only be conducted inside the accessory building shop.

The MPC is made up of county councillors and appointed members of the public. It is currently chaired by Gerald Ingeveld.