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Groups received $70,000 in grant support from Mountain View County

Community hall boards, ag societies, curling club get funds to operate programs and facilities

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - County council has reviewed grant allocations to community organizations, community halls and transportation services. The allocations were approved earlier by the county’s grant review committee.

The committee approved $70,000 grants to rural communities and organizations to operate programs and facilities that promote recreation, culture or agriculture in the county.

Groups and organizations receiving funds in 2021 included Alberta High School Rodeo Association ($10,000), Bergen News ($2,000), Carstairs and District 4-H ($2,255), Didsbury Agricultural Society ($5,000), Foothills Curling Club ($5,000), Mountain View Arts Society ($5,000), Mountain View BearSmart ($6,000), and Olds Regional Exhibition ($10,000).

Organizers of events receiving funds under the program have been notified that if an event is cancelled due to COVID, the funds will need to be returned.

The grant review committee approved $79,086 for rural community halls for 2021.

Grants under the program can be used toward operating or facility upgrade costs. The funds must be used exclusively on projects identified in applications.

Groups receiving grants include Bearberry Wapitana Society for hall, heritage and arts centre, playground ($15,550), Dogpound Hall for windows and water heater ($5,700), Eagle Hill Memorial Community Hall for maintenance and upkeep ($7,900) and for picnic pavilion ($8,000), Harmattan Community Centre for insurance, utilities and lawn maintenance ($10,000), and Water Valley Community security system and operations ($11,000). 

A total of $41,800 was allocated for public transportation and operation assistance programs. 

Groups receiving funding include $13,500 for Accredited Supports to the Community, $3,800 for Didsbury Lions Club, $3,500 for Sundre Daycare Centre, and $18,000 for Mountain View Seniors' Housing lodges.

Council accepted the grant allocation reports as information.

Inter-municipal share funding reports

Meanwhile, council has received inter-municipal shared-funding reports from its urban partners outlining the county contribution to facilities such libraries and arenas.

Chris Atchison, director of legislative, community and agricultural services, presented the reports from Carstairs, Sundre, Olds and Didsbury during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

“Mountain View County has successfully entered into agreements with each urban partner to provide recreation and cultural facilities and programs for rural residents,” said Atchison. 

“A component of those agreements requires each urban partner to provide a report to the county that outlines the facilities and/or programs that county contributions were allocated toward.”

The Town of Carstairs report outlines the town and county’s contributions to the municipal library, and recreation and culture facilities.

The total expenses for the library in 2020 was $247,336.22, with the county’s contribution being $16.30 per capita for 1,708 residents for a total of $27,840.40. The town’s contribution for 4,077 residents at $53.84 per capita was $220,127.78.

Total expenses for recreation and culture, including arena, Tiny Lafleur Park, cemetery and community hall, was $1,052,477.42. Of that total the county’s contribution was $189,639.24 or $111.03 per capita, while the town’s was $590,875.37 or $144.93 per capita, with the remainder coming from user fees.

The Town of Didsbury’s report said the country’s contribution for shared facility funding in 2020 was $451,460.52.

The county’s contribution toward the municipal library was $39,022.20, toward the Didsbury Memorial Complex Arena was $201,982, toward the Didsbury Aquatic Centre was $201,982, and toward Didsbury parks and pathways was $8,474.32.

The Town of Olds report said the county’s total contribution was $536,510, including $245,068 toward the aquatic centre, $245,068 toward the Sportsplex, and $46,375 toward the library.

The Town of Sundre report said the county’s total contribution was $297,991, including $212,599 for the Aquaplex, $59,007 for FCSS, and $26,385 for grants to recreation and culture other groups.

Council accepted the reports as information.

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