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Farm carcass composting demonstration sites to be piloted

Regular meeting

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUTY – The county's agricultural service board (ASB) has been updated on a pilot project involving carcass disposal on farms, ranches and other properties.

The pilot project is being conducted by Mountain View BearSmart, the county, Alberta Environment and Parks, and other stakeholders.

The proposal would see two Mountain View County producers selected to participate, with a call made for applications to create two farm carcass composting demonstration sites.

In a briefing note to the board, administration said the project aims to study ways to improve disposal.

“Correct carcass composting provides an affordable and effective solution to both securing the attractant from carnivores and scavengers, as well as degrading the bio-hazard and reducing the risk for disease outbreak,” the note states.

“To be effective, however, carcass composting must be planned and managed correctly. Carcass composting requires good management but only minimal training, and it requires little equipment that is already available on farm and utilizes readily available organic materials.”

One of the main intents of the project is to provide technical information and hands-on exposure to ranchers and producers in the county.

The project will get underway in 2020 followed by public demonstrations.

“In spring/summer of 2021 the county in collaboration with Mountain View BearSmart will organize the field day tour of the demonstration sites,” the note states. “Subject experts will be engaged to provide support and expertise and constructive (input) in order to expand similar projects elsewhere through the county and surrounding areas.”

The ASB is made up of county councillors and appointed members of the area’s agricultural community.

Application forms for the pilot project are available at the county office and on the county’s website.