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Existing Westcott-area kennel gets permit

Complaint for a business without necessary permits forced issue

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - The county’s municipal planning commission (MPC) has approved a development permit for an existing commercial dog breeding kennel in the Westcott rural neighbourhood.

The move came by way of motion at the commission’s Nov. 19 regularly scheduled meeting held by teleconference.

The subject property is located northeast of the intersection of Twp. 310 and Rge. Rd. 23, at SW 3-31-2-5.

Kennel, commercial (breeding) is a discretionary use within an agricultural district. The kennel is located in an existing shed on the 158.98-acre parcel.

“The existing business provides breeding of miniature Australian shepherds with litters available up to twice a year,” administration said in a briefing note to the commission.

“The applicant has up to four adults dogs on site with litters that may reach up to 15 puppies that remain onsite for two months or until weaned. The puppies and adult dogs are primarily kept indoors or within a fenced outdoor area. Waste is minimal and is appropriately disposed of as required.”

In June 2020 county administration received a complaint for unauthorized development at the site, a business without necessary permits, members heard.

The applicant met with administration on Sept. 17 and voluntarily submitted the development permit application. 

No concerns were received by nearby residents during the circulation process, members heard.

The approval came with a number of conditions, including that the applicant, landowner/operator will not allow the dogs to bark or howl excessively or otherwise disturb any person and “dogs shall not be permitted to run free off the property.”

The applicant must also comply with the county’s land use bylaw. The permit will bring the property into compliance with that bylaw.

Members voted unanimous to approve the development permit.

The MPC is the county’s approving authority, composed of county councillors and appointed public members.