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County council approves sports park funding

MVG skateboard
Mountain View County council has approved funding up to $180,000 for the Cremona Sports Park project. File photo

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - County council has approved funding up to $180,000 for the Cremona Sports Park project. The move came during a recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

The funding will come from the inter-municipal collaboration reserve, and is contingent on the Village of Cremona receiving funding from the province of Alberta’s community facility enhancement program.

“The Cremona Skatepark Association has approached the Village of Cremona to develop a skatepark and multi-use court on public lands located between the village office and the school,” administration said in a briefing note to council.

“The Village of Cremona has chosen to support the project through the donation of village lands as well as through in-kind support and has requested that Mountain View County consider funding the project under the inter-municipal collaboration capital reserve policy.”

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $395,1000, with contributions from the county, the Cremona Skatepark Association ($29,000), the Village of Cremona ($79,000 land), and the province ($107,100).

“All operating costs and ongoing maintenance costs are proposed to be funded by the Village of Cremona,” the note states.

In a letter to council, the Village of Cremona said, in part, “The site has been incorporated into the school site to include multi sports use, skateboard park and bike training area. As well surrounding landscaping will be improved to add seating, picnic and a reading garden for users of the Cremona library.

“The Cremona school has fully funded their portion of the project and is ready to proceed. The Village of Cremona and Cremona Skatepark Association will fund their portion of the project as specified through budget.”

Summaries considered

Meanwhile, councillors have considered county-specific one-page summaries for submission to various provincial government departments outlining concerns and issues facing the municipality.

The move review also came during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

Prepared by the inter-governmental communications committee, the summaries are directed to the departments of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Parks, Justice and Solicitor General, Municipal Affairs, and Transportation.

The proposed summaries ask the province to take action on the various concerns and issues raised.

The summary for the minister of agriculture and forestry deals with agriculture plastics recycling and clubroot management.

It calls on the department to “review and support innovative industries such as hemp production and other opportunities as alternatives to plastics” and support the environment and parks department in developing a “sustainable policy and program for ongoing agricultural plastics recycling.”

Regarding clubroot, the summary calls on the department to “support the updating of the clubroot management plan to recommend a one-in-four rotation for all canola until Alberta research proves that clubroot spore load can be decreased with shorter rotations.”

The summary for the minister of environment and parks deals with asphalt paving plants, gravel pit code of practice, brownfields, non-profit environmental associations, and agricultural plastics recycling.

It calls, in part, for the department to “support established associations and provide clarity to these groups relative to the roles and responsibilities of the association, municipality and ministry when undertaking monitoring or studies prior to those studies being initiated” and the province be responsible for enforcing its standards.

The summary for the minister of justice and solicitor general states, in part, that the county “does not support the proposed models under consideration for rural and small community police funding and requests that the ministry and the government pursue a funding mechanism that is service level based and not the ability to pay.”

It also calls on the province to ensure future funding strategies for policing be “entrenched in a formal contract detailing expected levels of service and reporting, allowance of municipal input and direction into policing priorities, and a clear understanding of the terms of payment and how the ‘requisition’ was determined.”

The summary going to Municipal Affairs deals with police funding, the Municipal Government Board, and Linear Assessment review.

The summary for the minister of transportation calls on the province to “take ownership of Twp. Rd. 292 to use as the over size/over weight route to connect Highway 791 and Highway 22 instead of using the 2018 route proposed in the high load corridor study.”

That study proposed the east-west connection be via Highway 581 and Highway 580 using Rge. Rd. 13 to connect the two provincial routes.

The summaries will come back to council next month for further consideration.

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