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Communications tower permit approved for Wessex area

Mountain View County's planning commission gives Freedom Mobile green light for Marcam Farms

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - The county’s municipal planning commission (MPC) has approved a development permit for a free-standing, 100-metre communications tower in the Wessex rural neighbourhood on the county’s south side.

The $500,000 project is located on a 154 acre parcel located about two kilometres south on Highway 581 on the west side of Rge. Rd. 12.

The applicant is Freedom Mobile Inc. and the owner is Marcam Farms.

The project will include an outdoor cabinet with canopy within a 10 metre by 10 metre fenced compound area containing the tower. Anchors for the tower are outside the compound area.

“There is another tower located approximately one mile away, however the applicants have indicated that they examined a five kilometre radius and found no available structure for co-location opportunities as the structures within this radius were either too far away for the service improvement area or lacked the required height,” administration said in a briefing note to the commission.

“The applicants have verbally indicated that the tower being proposed will serve both the Carstairs area as well as traffic on Highway 2.”

The development permit approved comes with a number of conditions, including that the communication tower will be “engineered to accommodate future co-location with additional carriers and to minimize any potential negative effects on the adjacent residence.”

The MPC is made up of appointed public members and council members. It is the county’s approving authority.


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