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Sixteen schools participate in run

More than 1,000 students ran through Centennial Park on a chilly Thursday morning, competing against one another.

More than 1,000 students ran through Centennial Park on a chilly Thursday morning, competing against one another.

This was the first year Innisfail Middle School hosted the Chinook’s Edge School Division Cross Country Fun Run that bused in students from K-6 from 16 different schools.

“This is a chance for the kids to have some fun and burn off some energy,” said middle school athletic director, Pat Adams, amidst the hustle and bustle of 1,013 students racing around, chatting, and some warming by a fire.

Groups took off one after another, the youngest grades going first.

“It was lots of fun,” said Laura Balkwill of Sundre, who placed first for girls in Grade 1. Hannah Sheehan, from Olds Koinonia Christian School came in right behind her. “I practise a lot,” said the soft-spoken athlete of her secret for surpassing over 60 other girls.

Grade 1 and 2 students ran 100 metres, 2 and 4 ran 1,500 and the Grade 5 and 6 students ran 2,000.

Grade 6 Garrick Lee, from Innisfail Middle School, waited patiently by the finish line for his brother and sister to come in.

“I’m waiting to cheer them on,” said Garrick, who was impressed when his brother took 48th place.

“It’s cool we all get to run together.”

By the end of the race, kids were shedding jackets and catching their breath down on the grass.

“It was cold, it makes you almost dizzy,” said Innisfail Middle School student Kaitlyn Bowe. “It’s a little hard in the cold, but I think I’d do it again,” added friend Olivia Motley. The two finished in 33rd and 34th place.


Grade 6 Boys:

Reid Jacobs, RVS

Kaleb Furst, OKCS

Dylan Price, RVS

MacGregor Manyluk, Poplar Ridge School

Joel Pedrow, RVS

Grade 6 Girls

Kayden Byrtus, Delburne

Dani Forsberg, Elnora

Mikayla Dowler, IMS

Deshann Valentine, RVS

Chance Duda, Delburne

Grade 5 Boys

Nick Ross, RVS

Samuel Moffat, Deer Meadow

Vince Vant Klooster, Deer Meadow

Trevor Simpson, RVS

Carter Graf, Poplar Ridge

Grade 5 Girls

Abi Hartzler, HSS

Kyla Gordon, HSS

Georgia Biggs, Delburne

Regan Dagg, Dear Meadow

Jaymie Connrad, HSS

Grade 4 Boys

Steven Bell, Olds Elementary

Ronan Seely, OKCS

Aiden Good, Carstairs

Mason Mueller, RVS

Matt Fluet, RVS

Grade 4 Girls

Amelia Furst, OKCS

Kendra Ross, RVS

Katie Keller, Carstairs

Christa Hooper, Carstairs

Sadie Jeffries, Poplar Ridge

Grade 3 Boys – Heat 1

Joseph Andrews, OKCS

Aiden Kelly, JDES

Caleb Trotter, Olds Elementary

Ethan Simpson, RVS

Keenan Green, JDES

Grade 3 Boys – Heat 2

Tanner Austin, Chinook Center School/ Ryan Seeley, OKCS

Connar Lappage, Olds Elementary

Ben McGonigal, CES

Dylan Marshall, CES

Austin Mytton, Delburne

Grade 3 Girls

Kallie Cloudston, Olds Elementary

Alex Peterson, RVS

Ellie Peterson, Olds Elementary

Kennedy Chrest, Olds Elementary

Megan Borys, JDES

Grade 2 Boys

Charlie Wright, Olds Elementary

Koby Smither, RVS

Philip Percault, Olds Elementary

Walker Dixon, Olds Elementary

Daniel Jacobs, OKCS

Grade 2 Girls

Elianna Seely, OKCS

Tina Schaedeli, Chinook Center School

Megan Weiss, RVS

Emma Evans, JDES

Ailish Kope, OKCS

Grade 1 Boys

Jayce Beckman, Olds Elementary

Johnathon Anderson, JDES

Murray Fluet, RVS

Michael Good, OKCS

Israel Furst, OKCS

Grade 1 Girls

Laura Balkwill, RVS

Hannah Sheehan, OKCS

Jaylin Kinschuh, Olds Elementary

Kiarra Longmuir, Olds Elementary

Tayanah Scott, RVS


Ryan Seeley, Olds Koinonia Christian School.