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Restrictions causing shortage in golf materials

Despite restrictions creating a pent-up demand, Olds Golf Club still has product to sell
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There are shortages in rubber for golf grips, shafts, steel, and graphite. Also, golf ball manufacturers are running into problems with a shortage of urethane, says Olds Golf Club pro/manager Wade Bearchell. File photo

OLDS — COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have created a pent-up demand for golf equipment, resulting in a shortage of it around the world, Olds Golf Club pro/manager Wade Bearchell says.

"Equipment sales across the world are just unreal,” he said during an interview. “Equipment manufacturers are struggling to meet demand.”

He said the club is looking to get a set of custom-made clubs ordered but the backlog is huge.

“They’re seeing a 30 per cent increases in their sales, so things are taking a little bit longer,” he said.

“There are supply chain disruptions, there are shortages in rubber for golf grips, shafts, steel, graphite. Also, golf ball manufacturers are running into problems too with a shortage of urethane,” Bearchell said.

“It’s shortages across the world,” he added. “Manufacturers are struggling to get it.”

That said, Bearchell doesn’t think the shortages will have a huge impact on Olds Golf Club.

"It’s caused a little bit of disruption in the golf business, but at the end of the day, we’re still selling a lot and it shouldn’t be too big of an issue I don’t think,” he said.

“I mean, we have some product. There are certain supply chain interruptions that are causing a little bit of delays in custom orders and stuff, but nothing massive."


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