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Red & Navy team wins 2021 Soldsheim Cup

Players are awarded the number of points according to their score on each hole, factoring in one’s handicap
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OLDS — The Red & Navy Team won the 2021 Soldsheim Cup at the Olds Golf Club.

The ladies team competition was held Aug. 21.

Thirty-six teams competed.

Members of the team were Connie Strautman, Jocelyn McInnis, Jenna Weseen, Gail Dezall, Joan Qually, Sandi Jeffries, Theresa Newby, Jae Teskey, Sandi Becker, Bev Hohenwarter, Brenda Turville and Colleen Czarnota.

Team Blue won the competition last year.  

"This year they made three new teams with new colours,” Wade Bearchell, the club’s director of golf wrote in an email.

“It was close but Red & Navy triumphed over Red and White and the Purple Team in an 18-holes net Stableford format.”

According to several websites, in the Stableford system, players are awarded the number of points according to their score on each hole, factoring in one’s handicap.


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