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Olds lacrosse association name change considered

Name confused with junior lacrosse group

OLDS — The name of a minor lacrosse association in Olds is confusing, its president says.

Currently, that entity is called the Olds Lacrosse Association (OLA).

OLA president Joe Berreth says because there’s a junior lacrosse association based in Olds, that name can cause confusion.

So he’s looking at changing it, likely to the Olds Minor Lacrosse Association, because it deals with kids ranging from under six years old to under 16.

“That’s something that I’ll have to bring up at the board meeting,” he said during an interview, noting this is his first year as president of the OLA.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Berreth said the association’s board has been meeting via telephone and text, but lately he’s looking at doing so online.

However, Berreth is aware of concerns about meetings being hacked, so when interviewed, he was researching options carefully.