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Olds badminton players dominate divisionals, zones

Local badminton players dominated divisional and zone competitions during the past couple of weeks, winning gold and silver in many cases

OLDS — Local badminton players dominated divisional and zone competitions during the past couple of weeks, winning gold and silver in many cases.  

Divisions were held at Olds High School April 25 for Grades 9-12 and April 26 for Grades 7-8.   

Zones were held April 29 in Okotoks for Grades10-12 and May 4 in Three Hills for Grades7-9.  

Ryder Persson won gold for Grade 8 boys singles. Anastasia Plowman and Rowan Dixon won silver in Grade 8 girls singles.   

Following are other results as sent by badminton coach Mary Smith.  

Grade 11 boys singles: first,Christian Persson.  

Grade 8 boys singles: Ryder Persson first (gold in zones as well).  

Grade 10 mixed doubles: BrianWeinans of the Olds Badminton Club and Danika Bohnet, first.  

Grade 8 boys doubles: Crew Martinson, Blair Dowland, first.  

Grade 10 girls singles: Pearl Reyeg, second.  

Grade 8 girls doubles: Anastasia Plowman and Rowan Dixon, first.   

Grade 8 mixed doubles: Nate Reist and Katie Seely, second.  

Grade 8 girls singles: Melanie Weinans of the Olds Badminton Club, second. had to forfeit at zones due to a pulled muscle, 

Grade 10 girls singles: Melody Fuller, first.  

Grade 12 girls doubles: Ashley Hoppins and Madison Deleau, second.  

Grade 7 boys doubles Carter Kemmere and Mukulu Shamvu, second.

Grade 9 boys singles: Addison Krieger, third.  

Grade 7 girls singles Kimmy Zhang of the Olds Badminton Club, third. 

From Olds Badminton program:   

Grade 11 mixed doubles: Drew Delong, and Kyle Holowenko, first.  

Grade 11 boys doubles: David Fisher and Silas Reinhardt), second.  

This marked the first year that Smith and her daughter Faith Walton served as co-head coaches for the École Deer Meadow and Olds High School programs.   

“We were extremely proud of the results and heard from the athletes that they had more success than previous years,” Smith wrote in an email.  

“My son Christian narrowly missed going to provincials. He won five of seven games but just fell short. He is looking at setting his sights on next year.”   

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