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Finding the Best Barbecue in Southern Alberta

For meat lovers, there is nothing quite like a perfectly smoked, perfectly seasoned and perfectly sauced barbecue meal. Just thinking of the smoky richness of the meat slathered with a deliciously sweet and tangy barbeque sauce will make anyone’s mouth water.
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Image by Jacob Johnson from Pixabay

Luckily, there are some exceptional barbecue restaurants in southern Alberta and visiting them makes for an incredible road trip. 

Unbelievable Barbecue in Small Town Alberta

The first stop on the barbecue road trip is southeast of Lethbridge in Stirling, Alberta. That is where Brian and Devynn Bohn of Hickory Street Food have been serving up delicious barbecue since 2019. They are known for their ribs and brisket as well many unique menu items including pig candy, cow candy and porcupine sandwiches (made of pork, pineapple and bacon – not actual porcupine). One of the best-selling items on the menu are the armadillo eggs, which is a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and smoked to perfection.

Hickory Street Food has an extensive menu that includes everything from soups, salads and pizza to sandwiches and smoked meats. They offer a great family combination platter that includes ribs, brisket, pork and sides. There are a number of gluten-free menu options available as well. All of the sauces, rubs and salad dressing at Hickory Street Food are made on-location and from scratch.

Hickory Street Food is located at 206 4th Avenue in Stirling.

Delicious Food and Incredible Views

Travelling north, the next stop on the barbecue road trip is in Okotoks, just south of Calgary. That is where Rob Bolton opened Big Sky BBQ and serves up authentic Texas-style barbecue. Rob and his team take barbecue seriously and serve up some of the best smoked meats in the country. They feature many shareable menu items as well as individual plates and delicious appetizers.

Big Sky BBQ is the only place to get the OMGWTF!!! Sandwich. It is five pounds of a variety of meats topped with mac n’ cheese, coleslaw and baked beans. This sandwich is huge and messy, but it is meant to be shared among four people.

Not only is the food incredible, but so are the views. Big Sky BBQ boasts the largest patio in Western Canada and has expansive views of the beautiful Alberta landscape. Find Big Sky BBQ just off of Highway 2A at 306016, 15th Street East in Okotoks.

Authentic Southern Barbecue in Southeast Calgary

The last stop on the barbecue road trip is at Jane Bond BBQ in Calgary. Owner and chef, Jenny Burthwright, has expanded her incredibly popular food truck into a fantastic barbecue restaurant and has incorporated take home meals and catering.

Jane Bond BBQ serves delicious and authentic southern food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Popular menu items include brisket, ribs, chicken, andouille sausage, and catfish accompanied by perfectly balanced barbecue, Carolina, Jamaican jerk, and smoked jackfruit sauces. They also make amazing burgers and decadent side dishes like mac n’ cheese, Cajun corn, smokehouse chili n’ cheese and baked beans. The pecan pie alone is worth the trip.

Barbecue lovers can also choose from a whole menu of take-home frozen meals as well as ready-to-cook favourites. 

Jane Bond BBQ is located in southwest Calgary on Blackfoot Trail at 321-723 46 Avenue South East.

It is impressive that there are so many great barbecue restaurants in southern Alberta and these three really stand out. They are so delicious that they warrant a road trip for anyone who loves good barbecue.

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