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Wintry weather brings call for snow angels

INN Snow Angels Sign
The Town of Innisfail is introducing a new sign initiative for its snow angels program this year, with hopes that local residents will step up and help shovel snow when they see this sign posted at a residence.

INNISFAIL – You don’t need wings to be a snow angel, just be willing to help.

Allyssa Bremner, community facilitator with the Town of Innisfail, is hoping a new sign initiative will encourage more Innisfail residents to be snow angels this winter.

“We usually start as soon as the snow starts and as soon as we have volunteers,“ said Bremner. “The program aims to help seniors or other adults in the community that aren’t able to shovel their own snow.

“The bylaw requires that (residents') sidewalks have to be shovelled but with the snow angels program we do hope that volunteers will also help clear driveways and steps to make it safe for them,” she added.

Snow angels, along with garden angels and friendly callers, fall under the Neighbours Helping Neighbours program with the town, noted Bremner, adding that last winter there was a shortage of volunteers.

“Last year we only had a few volunteers so we had quite a few residents in town that we weren’t able to match with a snow angel,” she said. “We started thinking outside the box and saw that some other communities (had) a sign and left it up to the community to help out their neighbours rather than registering as a volunteer. So we made some signs this year to give that a try.”

Bremner said the sign initiative will help notify the public, neighbours and members of the community that help is needed to shovel snow.

“Any resident that does require assistance with removing their snow can now place a snow angels welcome sign somewhere visible, either in the yard or in their front window. We’re hoping their own neighbours will take the initiative to help clear their snow,” she said.

Bremner pointed to success of similar programs in other Alberta communities, including the cities of Calgary and Strathmore and the Village of Delburne, that have all introduced a sign initiative.

“People can go up and introduce themselves (to the homeowner) or just clear what they think needs to be cleared,” explained Bremner. “If someone finds they start regularly shovelling snow and they want the recognition for their volunteer hours, they’re still welcome to call and register as a volunteer with us as well.”

For more information on the snow angels program contact Allyssa Bremner with the town at 403-227-3376 ext. 225.