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Letter: Other towns watching

Resident responds to anti-racism ally

How many town events to date have been cancelled in Innisfail because of the current pandemic and yet a politically sensitive issue like the BLM protest-rally is allowed to go ahead?

Our little town has been COVID-19 free throughout this pandemic.

Does anyone else in Innisfail think it is irresponsible to host protesters of any issue from larger urban areas that are not COVID-free and risk the health of the people who have to work in restaurants and stores who don't get the choice to stay home today?

Then after the protesters go home - does anyone believe that will be the end of the risk of COVID-19 to the rest of us who live here? It just takes one infected person using infected cash to buy an ice cream cone or using a washroom to place all of us at risk.

An on-line discussion would have been a more sensible idea, during a pandemic.

I'm truly afraid the next news headline will read "Innisfail host of BLM rally experiences outbreak of COVID-19"
In the meantime, thank you to our town council who offered up Innisfail as the test community for studying community transmission of COVID-19 when out-of- towners and large events are added into the mix.

If you don't think every other Central Alberta town is watching to see what happens, you are mistaken.

L. Armstrong,