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Letter: Canada is a cultural painting

Value found in contribution

As we travel throughout Central Alberta we see machinery of many colours working the land.

Some folks prefer one colour or brand over another, but they are all important to the operation of our farms.

Often we hear good-natured teasing about one’s red machinery being better than another’s green machinery and so on.

We all know that all the machinery is important to fulfil the purpose for which it has been designed and which fits the economics of the farm it serves on.

It is not the colour which gives each piece of equipment its inherent value, but rather how well the machinery works to add value to the overall aim of Alberta agriculture.

Does orange machinery have value? Of course. As does all the machinery of various colours. It all works for one purpose - to help us provide abundant food to our world.

The value is found in the contribution to the farm, not in the focus on the colour.
As a painter prepares to create a work of art, he or she will select many hues to blend, highlight, and lend beauty to the painting.

A painting of only one colour is not a painting. It is perhaps a wall, a barrier or a blind.
Canada is a cultural painting. We should work together like the colours in a masterpiece to become a place of beauty and harmony. To focus on or favour one culture or colour is narrow and can only damage our Canadian landscape.

Any organization or political movement, whether far right or far left, which tries to set us against one another does not represent the majority of Albertans. Let’s try to not forget who we are.

- Phil McAmmond,