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Hairdresser cuts for cancer awareness

For 13 years, Julieanne Stunden has been operating Stylez On The Go, a mobile hair salon catering to women who are unable to go to a salon.

For 13 years, Julieanne Stunden has been operating Stylez On The Go, a mobile hair salon catering to women who are unable to go to a salon. In addition to her mobile salon, for 13 years Julieanne, or Jewelz as her friends know her, has been fundraising for cancer awareness and research.

Last September she opened a hair salon by the same name on Main St. in Innisfail, but she was quick to add, “I still do mobile appointments.”

In the salon, Julieanne also provides a line of services and products that are specifically for people who are undergoing cancer treatment.

When asked why she has taken up this cause, the energetic stylist and mother of four said, “Thirteen years ago my aunty in Ontario got breast cancer, so I always tried to support everything to fight the disease.”

Nothing gets by Julieanne when it comes to her cancer campaign. “When I opened the shop I dedicated it to cancer awareness. I pick a colour of a campaign, say pink for breast cancer, and for a whole month I support that cancer research. In the shop I sell the little ribbons, bracelets, and hold fundraising campaigns like dye your hair pink for cancer awareness.”

She also orders in human hair extensions to build into women’s hats. These hats are for the women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

In her salon Julieanne also carries a selection of stick-on prosthetics for those who have undergone a mastectomy. “Anything to make you feel beautiful again.”

It is said that one of Julieanne’s most striking characteristics is her positive outlook on life. “I am happy go lucky. Everything happens for a reason and you need to ask yourself what good thing will come out of it,” she said, attributing her positivity to the book The Secret. This month Julieanne is especially upbeat and happy because she found out two days prior to the new year that she herself was cancer free.

The day she got the keys to her shop, she was diagnosed with cancer. Today Julieanne is sporting a few hair extensions of her own, and looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit. Why? “Rabbits are good luck, so this will be a good year,” said Julieanne.

In addition to donating a percentage of all her proceeds from Styles On The Go to cancer research, Julieanne also offers a monthly draw for a free makeover “for someone going through cancer treatment or just got over it. I enjoy making people happy, and sometimes we need a day to totally forget about everything and be beautiful. Feeling good totally changes your whole day and brightens your spirit.”

Julieanne said she loves to give, and does her best to make all her clients look beautiful.

“Some people believe that angels walk among us, and some of my clients call me an angel,” she modestly admitted. “It is so nice to be called an angel.”

She knows first hand that cancer changes your life around and affects everyone. To emphasize the impact the disease has and how important it is to feel good about oneself, Julieanne added, “Some husbands come in and tell me that (their wives’) was the best hair cut ever. They are so happy.”

How does Julieanne make herself feel good?

“I’m a hockey mom. I love watching my sons play hockey. I am so proud when one of them makes a good play or scores a goal,” she said, before stating she does not usually work weekends as that is her family time for her oldest son and daughter. “

My sons’ hockey games are when I can totally forget about everything.”

Julieanne’s motto is ‘cancer affects all of us ... together we can make a difference.’ Julieanne said she is also proud to report that her aunty in Ontario is alive and well.