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Disappointed by headline, photo, councillor

Re: “Anger breaks out following rally”, p. 1, June 16 Albertan

Re: “Anger breaks out following rally”, p. 1, June 16 Albertan

Johnnie Bachusky, I am thoroughly disappointed by the headline chosen for your article regarding the rally held in Innisfail.

To draw attention to your article by saying "Anger breaks out following rally" leaves an impression, especially to those that just scan headlines, that the overall event was a not so peaceful an event.

And to add insult to the headline, you also had the audacity include a photograph that supported the idea that this was not so peaceful of an event. The photograph alone gives the impression of a heated exchange.

By your own words, this rally was a peaceful, compassionate and understanding. As such, I would expect the headline of the article and the supporting picture to represent the overall tone of the event.
I am also equally disappointed with our local councillor, Glen Carritt. This rally was to support anti-racism and create understanding and tolerance towards all people.

It is appalling that this councillor would go against an event that should have otherwise been peaceful without anger.

It is OK for us as a community to peacefully disagree and acknowledge all view points, but for him to actively try to stir up discord in a community is unbecoming of an elected official.

Mr. Carritt, you represent Innisfail and Innisfail town council and you have the responsibility to conduct yourself without prejudice.

- Sheryl Dueck,