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The Importance and Benefits of HVAC Vent Cleaning

Let’s take a look at when and why to call in the pros for HVAC cleaning.
10-2A HVAC cleaning
Dust and dirt buildup can effect the efficiency of your HVAC system year round.

Indoor Air Quality Matters

The HVAC system is the lungs of the home. Common contaminants like dust, dander and chemicals are recirculated through those lungs as many as seven to 10 times a day. Regular cleaning will control these contaminants and remove dust and debris. Dirty air means there is a good chance that the ducts are contributing to health issues like asthma and allergies. Indoor air quality does matter. If the HVAC system is clean, less dust will circulate, the house will need less cleaning and everyone can breathe easier.

10-2C HVAC graphic
Image by Drizzt_Do_Urden from Pixabay

Dirty Air Filters Are Less Cost Effective

When the HVAC system is dirty, it must work harder. This means higher energy costs due to the system straining. The filter clogs sooner than necessary and needs replacement more often. The same can be said for the HVAC system’s motor.

A Clean HVAC is a Safe HVAC

Another risk of a dirty HVAC system is that it can be a fire hazard. Every year homes catch fire because of excess dust in the vents.

Signs of an HVAC System in Need of Cleaning

10-2B HVAC vents
New home construction even needs a good cleaning of the HVAC vents.

If the ducts are clogged and the amount of dust seems excessive, or when debris particles seem to be entering the home through the supply registers, this is a sign of a problem; it’s time for a professional cleaning.

Other indications that is time to call the professional HVAC maintenance team is if there is visible mold growth or dampness in the ducts. If conditions for mold seem likely, have the system investigated, analyzed and cleaned promptly.

The final sign of problem is an infestation. Rodents, insects, other pests can find a nice home for themselves in your HVAC system if maintenance has not been done as often as necessary. Spiders, cockroaches, mice, squirrels and even snakes like to find their way into the system and cause damage with nesting and chewing.

When in doubt, make the call. If you see visible signs of debris, mold or pests, make the call. If it has been a year since your last HVAC cleaning, make the call. Keeping the HVAC system clean improves efficiency and lets you breathe easier.

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