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Equine Facilitated Wellness Sessions (both one on one as well as group workshops). Summer Kids camps, as well as Introductory Western Pleasure Riding Lessons (including but not limited to, lessons for those with Mental Health struggles).

Equine Facilitated Wellness involves being partnered with a horse and engaging in activities designed to promote Emotional Health/Wellbeing while increasing Self-Awareness. Horses have a unique way of providing people with insights and understanding into their feelings and behavior and can do this in a truly non-intrusive, gentle manner. Their hones, non-judgemental, and authentic feedback is well received and this opens the door to learning more about ourselves.

Horses can assist people of all ages in growing in a number of areas including building confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and trust, learning about boundaries, relationships and non-verbal communication, as well as developing coping mechanisms and self-regulation techniques. They offer up a non-traditional way of dealing with stress, facing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, healing and finding rest. Combined with Jules Rainforth’s background in both Psychology and Social Work, you will come away with new insights and understanding every time!