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D's Epoxy Creates A div. of Longhorn Painting Ltd

D's Epoxy Creates... is proud to be an official dealer of ICE Epoxy and PurEpoxy products.

D’s Epoxy Creates… goal is to supply high-quality liquid coatings, including the highest quality epoxy and concrete, rubber products in the industry. Construction Epoxy is known for its: excellent adhesion, resistance to chemicals, thermal resistance, excellent mechanical properties, solid and easy to maintain, and non-sticking properties. Floors or countertops, we have tools and products to get the job done. Looking for a qualified contractor? Give us a call.

Not to be left out is Art Resin for Creatives. Artists, crafters, woodworkers, and cabinet makers deliver beautiful works of art using surface and deep pour epoxy resins. Our crystal clear ICE Epoxy can make that dream project a reality. Moulds, dyes, metallic powders, and tools, we have what you need.

NEW to the world of epoxy? We offer workshops that will introduce you to the different types of epoxy and the many things you can do with it. We stay open late on Wednesdays and open the classroom to anyone needing a place to work on their own project. Call 403-335-1900.

PurEpoxy is a leading North American manufacturer of high-quality liquid polymer products for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Their products are used to make decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds, chips, and quartz floor systems.

PurEpoxy provides professional-grade, floor-coating products. Their easy-to-use products facilitate floor-coating and restoration and deliver professional results. They continuously improve their products by offering the highest quality floor coatings at very competitive prices and fast turnaround times to respond to the different demands of the industry.

PurEpoxy's polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coating systems offer consistency while providing owners with long-lasting durable finishes.