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Strategic plan update includes community support

Action plans regarding economic prosperity, local events and projects and fostering collaborative relationships reviewed

DIDSBURY - Town council has been given an update on the status of items in the 2021 strategic plan.

The review came during a recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

The plan sets out strategies in areas such as economic prosperity, community engagement, and infrastructure and asset management. It includes actions, activities, key administrative responsibility, council roles, and completion dates.

Council had directed administration to provide a status update.

Under economic prosperity action plan, one activity outlined is to encourage film industry focus. The status update states that the film industry prioritized by administration is ongoing.

The municipal development plan is 50-75 per cent complete and is currently on hold pending the completion of the inter-municipal development plan with the county.

Under the activity of local event and projects, the community grant program policy has been approved.

Under the fostering collaborative relationships activity, there is ongoing engagement with regional municipal partners, and the patio permit rollout was fast-tracked.

Under the engagement and inform community action plan, activities include enhanced local print and radio promotion with investment in full page ads for 2021 budget year.

The lifecycle planning and infrastructure activity includes the asset management system development now in progress.

Under the healthy safe living action plan, the skatepark and jet’s playground was approved in the 2021 budget and scheduled to be competed in fall.

Regarding support for the museum, the town contributed $31,000 in 2021.

The complete plan status update is available for viewing on the town’s website.

Council accepted the plan status update as information.