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Library expansion plan unveiled

Call for proposals coming soon

DIDSBURY – The local library will be expanded into the former town office, officials announced last week.

The decision to expand the library at its current location came after consideration of several options, says Mayor Rhonda Hunter.

“The creation of a bigger space for our very busy and popular municipal library has been a council priority since late 2017,” said Hunter. “After reviewing a variety of scenarios and having many discussions, many with the Didsbury library board, it is exciting we are at the point where we will be getting concrete information regarding an opportunity to expand into the previous town office.”

The municipality will issue a request for proposals in the coming weeks to invite interested parties to submit a project proposal that will “utilize the existing library space, as well as the old town office facility, essentially doubling the footprint of the existing library,” she said.

Didsbury library board chair Carolyn Massell called the announcement welcome news.

“We are very excited to be moving forward with the library expansion,” said Massell. “The demand for library services continues to substantially increase and our library is definitely evidence of this global trend. More space will mean an increase in the programs and services that our library can provide.”