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Former Five-O Club location in Didsbury going up for sale

Town of Didsbury administration recommended that council consider the value of a proposed development to the town as being a significant deciding point in the sale of land and building at 2500 - 15th Avenue

DIDSBURY - Council has approved a plan to have the former town-owned Five-O Club building put up for sale, with a requirement for timely development and consideration of the vision of any development proposal.

The move came during a recent regularly scheduled council meeting, held in person and online.

Located at 2500 - 15th Avenue, the land is made up of one parcel on approximately 0.282 acres and is zoned as industrial.

The building was constructed in 1979 for $80,000 and is currently assessed (land and building) at $495,660.

“Administration is recommending that this property be listed for sale,” said chief administrative officer Ethan Gorner. “In addition to considering the amount being offered, it is recommended that council consider a value of a proposed development to the town as being a significant deciding point.”

Administration would assist with the process for rezoning the land to whatever designation was most suitable for the successful proposed project, he said.

Coun. John Baswick said, “The recommendation for the motion I think is good because the developer, whoever comes in, will decide whether he wants to split it and at that time we can make the division of the property. Somebody may want the whole thing and it would be up to the buyer to make that decision.”

Mayor Rhonda Hunter said, “I still have a bit of a thought about inviting public feedback. I agree with this motion, but it is a pretty iconic facility and maybe there are some good ideas there.”

Council carried the motion to have the building and land put up for sale.