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Didsbuy dwelling permits totalled $1.98 million in 2020

Five commercial retail unit permits were also issued

DIDSBURY - A total of 14 permits for principal dwelling unit construction worth $1.98 million were issued by the Town of Didsbury in 2020, compared with one permit worth $15,000 in 2019, officials said.

The 2020 year end statistical development report was presented during a council meeting last month.

Eighteen accessory buildings, structures and uses permits were issued last year, with total construction values of $1.5 million. That compares with 22 permits worth $357,367 in 2019.

There were five garage/shed permits, nine addition permits, two deck permits, one demolition permit, and five home occupation permits issued in 2020.

Five commercial retail unit permits were issued, with total construction value of $2.44 million. That compares with one permit worth $4.5 million issued  in 2019.

There were 10 changes of use, and 20 signage permits issued last year.

Fire department update

Meanwhile, Didsbury Fire Department responded to 233 calls in 2020, chief administrative officer Ethan Gorner said in his monthly report, which was received by council for information on Jan. 26.

Of the calls, 122 were in town, 89 were in rural areas around town, and 20 were mutual aid responses to other area departments.

Alarms made up the largest number of calls, with 23 in the last quarter and 67 for the entire year.

EMS calls were the second most numerous, with 15 in the last quarter and 45 for the year.

Motor vehicle collisions accounted for the third most common calls, with 10 in the last quarter and 37 for the year.

Outside fires accounted for two calls in the last quarter and a total of 27 in 2020.

Members responded to four structure fires in the last quarter and 29 total for 2020.

In his report, Gorner also gave an update on the arena project, which has seen the replacement of floors, boards, brine lines and the addition of underpaid heat floor. 

The project is now “99 per cent” completed, with a final project summary report coming to council later this month, he said.

“We are pleased to report that this project will be delivered under budget by approximately $25,000,” he said. 

Gorner also gave updates on Mountain View Family Resource Network, Rosebud Valley Campground, and the Mountain View regional recreation, parks and culture master plan.