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Didsbury readying for the winter weather that lies ahead

Replacement sand truck, plow purchase approved

DIDSBURY - Town council has agreed to spend a maximum of $107,500 on a new sanding truck and related equipment.

In preparation for the 2020-21 winter season, the public works department conducted the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program inspection of the current sanding truck, a 2008 Ford F-450 equipped with a front plow.

In it's 12th year, the existing vehicle (PW-09) is past its useful lifespan, pegged at 10 years by administration. It also requires extensive repairs to remain in service, council heard during the Oct. 13 council meeting.

"During the inspection an additional $11,400 in repairs were identified including a substantial box rebuild to combat the corrosion that has eaten away the metal," reads a council briefing note.

Administration provided council with three options including repairing the truck and equipment, deferring the replacement of the vehicle by buying a plow to fit an existing gravel truck, or the recommended option of replacing the truck and buying a plow and salt/sand hopper for it.

The estimated cost for a Ford F-550 is approximately $85,000, while a new plow would cost $11,000, and the salt/sand hopper would cost $11,500, says the briefing note.

“Administration recommends funding this replacement with the vehicle and equipment replacement reserve with an estimated year-end balance of $586,071,” administration said in a briefing note.

Council approved the purchase.

- With files from Lea Smaldon