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Didsbury councillor calls for civility in social media discourse

“The mayor and (chief administrative officer) have taken the brunt of complaints..." says Coun. Dorothy Moore

DIDSBURY — Town councillor and former mayor Dorothy Moore would like to see more civility in the social media discourse regarding the municipality.

During the recent regularly scheduled council meeting, Moore asked to address the public forum on the matter.

“The mayor and (chief administrative officer) have taken the brunt of complaints, blame and endless nitpicking communications aimed at council and the town, and have responded appropriately and with remarkable patience,” said Moore.

“Disparaging critical tirades or parroting negativity or reposting things on the internet, social media, email and elsewhere does no one any good and can be truly harmful to those being attacked.

“Why choose to be mean and judgmental when being kind and constructive might actually accomplish something? There are many ways to actually contribute.”

Moore is a former two-term Didsbury mayor who was elected councillor in 2017.