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Didsbury council chamber COVID measures approved

Changes could be made in time for the Sept. 22 council meeting

DIDSBURY – Town council has approved a reconfiguration of council chambers to allow in-person meetings to resume. The move came by way of motion at the Aug. 25 regularly scheduled council meeting, held by teleconference.

At an earlier council meeting, councillors instructed administration to come up with a plan to accommodate members of the public, councillors and staff in council chambers during the pandemic.

Council meetings have been held by teleconference since April.

Administration came up with a plan to reconfigure the chamber with the placement of plexi-glass partitions between members of council and staff, making facemask wearing not required.

Members of the public would be required to wear facemasks in council chambers. Gallery seating would be arranged so as to ensure social distancing.

The reconfiguration will require the installation of the plexi-glass partitions as well as the removal and re-installation of some data cables and electrical wiring.

The total cost of the reconfiguration is estimated to be $2,150, with the funds coming from the council materials budget.

The changes could be made in time for the Sept. 22 council meeting, but may be delayed until the first meeting in October, said Town of Didsbury Mayor Rhonda Hunter.