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Council technology policy includes security training

New policy is the result of a earlier red-tape reduction review by the policy and governance committee
MVT stock Town of Didsbury municipal office
A new Town of Didsbury policy outlines the requirement for all councillors to receive security training on computer equipment. File photo/MVP Staff

DIDSBURY - Town council approved an updated council technology policy, which sets out how technical resources will be provided to new council members following the Oct. 18 municipal election. 

The policy also outlines the requirement for all councillors to receive security training on the computer equipment.

The approval came during the Oct. 12 council meeting, which was held in person. A technical problem prevented the planned online streaming of the meeting.

The new policy is the result of a earlier red-tape reduction review by the policy and governance committee.

The updated policy states that, in part: “The town of Didsbury council shall be provided with technological resources to assist them in conducting council business in an efficient and effective manner and to lessen the need for printed agendas.”

Under the policy each councillor will be provided with a standardized workstation that will include a laptop “that will assist council to undertake their responsibilities, connect to each other and participate during council meetings using the digital agenda and serve the citizens. A workstation's deemed to have a useful life of four years for the purposes of this policy.”

Under the policy all council members are required to complete all IT security training as required by administration.

The policy also states: “All town-provided equipment shall primarily be used for town-related business.”

Municipal intern application

In other news from the Oct. 12 council meeting, councillors have moved to support the 2022/23 Alberta Community Partnership municipal internship program application.

Under the application the town agrees to commit $28,000 toward salaries and benefits for the intern, including $12,444 as part of the 2022 budget and $15,556 as part of the 2023 budget.

“An intern is a low-cost way to build capacity in the organization,” said Ethan Gorner, the town's chief administrative officer. “The workplan for the intern will include administrative duties, such as taking an active role in the council and committee presentation, overseeing various projects throughout the organization, and completing a shadow rotation through core departments for a well-rounded municipal experience.” 

If approved the internship would be for 18 months beginning in May 2022.

Washroom proposal

In other news, councillors have referred a proposal to have a washroom installed in council chambers to the 2022 budget planning process.

On the direction of council, administration explored the possibility of installation in the chambers. 

“Some basic construction work would be required to install one single-use washroom facility,” he said. “It would be located in the (southeast) corner and the floor would be lowered.”

Currently when an individual needs to use the washroom facilities in the town office during a council meeting they must walk through the administrative area, requiring a staff member to be in the administrative space at the time.

Administration has estimated that it would cost approximately $25,000 to undertake the construction project.

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