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Pump station upgrade will ensure hydrant flow in Cremona

Upgrades will enable emergency pump to be shut off remotely
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CREMONA - The village’s pump station piping upgrade project recently approved by council will help ensure that water flow to fire hydrants in the community is adequate in the event of emergency, says chief administrative officer Karen O’Connor. 

“The project will allow the emergency pump to be metered to verify the flow to fire hydrants is sufficient,” O’Connor said. “The emergency pump supplies water to hydrants in the event of fire.”

The municipality has received several inquires from residents about the need and purpose of the upgrade, she said.

Council recent awarded Balzer’s Canada Inc. the contract for the upgrade project at a cost of $132,903. 

The project involves programming upgrades so that the emergency pump can be shut off remotely, eliminating the need to have an operator come down to the pump station and manually shut off the pump.

“Currently the flow from the emergency pump is not metered. Installing a new flow meter for the emergency flow header will help operators with their reporting to Alberta Environment and Protected Areas,” she said.

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