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Cremona grads ready for 'teachings of life'

Grad ceremony held in parking lot outside Cremona School
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Cremona School 2020 valedictorian Xian Kerfoot smiles following her address. Dan Singleton/MVP Staff

CREMONA – The 2020 Cremona School graduating class has been given an excellent “foundation to explore the future without fear” going forward, valedictorian Xian Kerfoot said during the Aug. 25 graduation ceremony.

“We have been taught many lessons from our teachers over the course of our lifetime, some readily absorbed and others slept through, but what we experiencing right now with this global pandemic is perhaps the most important life lesson we will ever receive,” said Kerfoot.

“Life is unpredictable. People have an idea of the general direction they wish to pursue, however no one is capable of mapping out their life in permanent marker because there will always be unexpected challenges along the journey.

“In March it may have seemed like life would never be the same again. But here we are. Standing strong. The returning conquerors of online learning.”

About 120 teachers, staff, friends and family attended the graduation ceremony for 24 graduates.

Due to the need for social distancing the ceremony was held in the parking lot outside Cremona School, under clear and warm weather conditions.

The one-hour ceremony included addresses from numerous delegates. Joanna Harvey is the principal of Cremona School.

“It’s has been my honour and privilege, as well as my delight, to be able to see many of these young men and women grow up over the past 13 years,” said Harvey.

“Find joy in your journey and remember that your journey has only just begun.”

Sonia Temple is a councillor with the Village of Cremona.

“This year has brought us to remember that tough times are inevitable but they are temporary,” said Temple. “If we persist with confidence no negative situation can withstand your will to be happy. Going forward, listen to both your heart and your head.”

Greg Harris is the Mountain View County councillor for Division 2, which includes Cremona.

“You’ve adapted, you’ve persevered and you’ve overcome,” said Harris. “In future years you will look back at this and you’ll say, ‘You know what, if I got though school, through the COVID, and everything that was thrown at us, I can do anything.’ As you go forward keep that with you.”

Melissa Copley is a trustee with Chinook’s Edge School Division.

“Know that even in times of uncertainty, there are guiding principals that will get you through and they apply today more than ever,” said Copley.

Michael Kerfoot is a member of the Cremona School parent council.

“Don’t stop, keep going, the world needs you more than ever,” said Kerfoot. “I wish you well.”

Kurt Sacher is the superintendent of Chinook’s Edge School Division.

“Everybody is proud of you,” said Sacher. “Recognize the resilience of your community here in Cremona.”

Nathan Cooper is the MLA for Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills, which includes Cremona. An audio message from Cooper was played during the ceremony.

“From the bottom of my heart and from all the members of the Legislature Assembly here in the province of Alberta, congratulations and we wish you nothing but the greatest successes,” said Cooper.

Darryl Korody was the master of ceremonies for the graduation ceremony.

“We can trust that no matter where life leads us, the skills we have learned alongside each other have given us the foundation to explore the future without fear,” said valedictorian Xian Kerfoot.

“Seize every opportunity and no matter the outcome, you will be empowered with a new perspective on how to apply and enjoy the teachings of life.”

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