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Cremona 4-H members keeping busy

Lots of activities
MVT Cremona 4-H tire recycling
Cremona 4-H members collected tires last month for the annual tire recycling fundraiser. Submitted photo

CREMONA - It is the time of year, yet again, that all 4-Hers are shining their belt buckles and polish their boots for one more terrific year. 

Cremona 4-H is organizing activities - COVID-style - in hopes that members will be able to participate in all the usual activities of a 4-H year, despite the pandemic.

On Oct. 13, even though snow was falling and the air was cold, Cremona 4-Hers met by the Dog Pound Stampede Grounds for our first general meeting. 

We pulled down our caps and huddled into our coats, ready to begin the 2020-21 4-H year. Club positions were filled with Jolee Shand as our new president, Liam Heppner as vice-president, Austin Rohleder as treasurer, Iris Keitel as secretary, Andrew Korver as parliamentarian, Anabelle Ward and Charlotte Keitel as reporters, and Chloe Holmwood and Griffin Keitel as historians.

From Oct. 13 onward, Cremona 4-H's four exciting projects -- light horse, metal working, sheep, and beef -- are really starting up.

Light horse members took advantage of some good weather to go on a ride and metal working leaders taught the new members the basics of blacksmithing. 

Sheep members learned about their soon-to-be animals and beef members joined together to weigh their large new pets.

And last but not least, in early November, we still managed to collect tires for the annual tire recycling fundraiser. 

Pulling up our gloves, we loaded tires, sizing from car tires all the way to tractor tires, into horse trailers until we couldn't feel our arms - in a good way. 

We’d like to say a big thanks to all the community members that donated tires to support this fundraiser.  

Charlotte Keitel, club reporter