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Cremona 4-H members collect, recycle 2,200 tires

Rolling, tossing, stacking, loading, unloading and more stacking at the Water Valley transfer site
MVT Cremona 4-H members tires
Cremona 4-H members pose for a photo with tires collected during a recent club event. Photo submitted

CREMONA - Cremona 4-H-ers are ready to begin and jump into what is shaping up to be another fantastic year.

It was that season of the year again, when we donned boots, overalls and gloves to repel the cold and mud, for yes, it was tire recycling time once again.

On Nov. 16, the majority of our 57 members met at multiple sites in the Cremona area with trucks and stock trailers at the ready.

Over the course of four hours, we loaded up over 2,200 tires, varying from dirt bike tires to tractor tires, and every size in between.

Members old and young alike participated in the rolling, tossing, stacking, loading, unloading and more stacking of tires, depositing them in a great sprawling pile at the Water Valley transfer site. With everyone pitching in to help with that classic 4-H work ethic, the job was finished quickly and efficiently.

This year, members have a wide variety of projects to partake in. Beef, horse, sheep and metal working return to the club.

A new and more exotic addition this year is chicken agility. All projects are kicking off to what promises to become a great year.

What are Cremona 4-H-ers doing besides caring for livestock and tossing tires? Many projects have already started: steer and heifer weigh-in for the beef kids and project meetings, just to name a couple.

On Dec. 7, members volunteered at a local craft fair, helped out at a music event and baked pies to raise money for the Do More Ag Society, and attended a multi-judging clinic.

This month, we have the option to participate in a public speaking workshop in preparation for January's competition. We are also beginning to collect bottles in a fundraiser for the club.

As always, we greatly appreciate all the support we receive from the community and look forward to whatever opportunities this year brings.

Iris Keitel is a club reporter with Cremona 4-H.