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Playground project proposed for Carstairs' Havenfield

Tot lot in Carstairs could become area for all ages

CARSTAIRS - A group of local residents has put forward a proposal for the construction of a new playground in the Havenfield subdivision south of the arena.

A delegation appeared at the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

Chief administrative officer Carl McDonnell explained that the playground would replace an existing smaller playground at the site.

“There is an existing tot park there now, which is probably for kids five and under,” he said. “They want to change that into a larger playground area (for all ages). They have put together a proposal and are looking for support from council. 

“Being that it is unbudgeted for this year, council has directed administration to meet with the group and look at the finances and the business plan and what that looks like.”

The cost estimate is about $100,000, plus the cost of the base, he said. 

“We will see what they can do for fundraising and what grants might be available and what the town could put in as well,” he said. 

In a briefing note provided to council, administration said project proponents are suggesting two options for funding:

• The town fund the project 100 per cent up front, with an agreement that the community will work to make the payment of 50 per cent back to the town via sponsorship dollars, bottle drive and donations from local households. Installation of the playground would be done by volunteers to save costs, as well as machines and equipment to do the land work would all be donated by local businesses.

• The second option would see community fundraising for the project with the town contributing 50 per cent. Installation of the playground would still be by volunteers.

No firm date for a report back to council has been set, said McDonnell.