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Peace officer reporting policy approved

Carstairs council also OK's new complex client and known risk policy

CARSTAIRS — Town council approved a new peace officer reporting policy during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting, held by teleconference.

The policy is being put in place to bring the municipality up to date with into compliance with the provincial Peace Officer Act.

Under the policy, the Town of Carstairs must report certain incidents to the provincial director of law enforcement, including the following:

• The use of a firearm in circumstances in which it was discharged in response to a perceived threat.

• Any incident with a peace officer involving serious injury or the death of any person, but not including providing traffic control at a fatal or serious motor vehicle collision.

• Any allegation that a peace officer used excessive force as identified through an internal reporting process or complaint.

• Any incident involving a peace officer where a weapon was used by somebody else, other than animal related duties or training.

• Any matter of a serious or sensitive situation related to the actions of a peace officer.

• Incidents in which a peace officer has violated the employer’s code of conduct.

• Any event in which the peace officer has reported a charge or arrested to the authorized employer for an offence under the Criminal Code, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or another other enactment of Canada.

Meanwhile, council also approved a new peace officer complex client list/known risk policy.

The policy is being put in place to assist peace officers in knowing if there are residences where a tailored response could be required.

Guidelines under the policy include the following:

• When an officer is requested to attend a residence where they are unsure of the risk, they are to check the map provided which is colour coded and each officer is provided a ledger that explains the property and any concerns.

• Each officer will be given a ledger with a colour code on it, and if the colour for the residence is red, then two officers will attend these complaints. Dispatch is notified of these stops as per normal procedure.

• Officers will notify their director prior to attending properties in which there are any dangerous circumstances.

• Carstairs protective services will work closely with the RCMP with any updates that come up as a concern for officer safety.