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New residential area proposed in Carstairs

14.44 hectare development would include various density-housing

CARSTAIRS - Town council has given first reading to a bylaw that would create an area structure plan for new residential development in the town’s northwest. 

The move came by way of motion at a recent regularly scheduled council meeting following a presentation from Becky Soby with Urban Systems.

The Homestead area structure plan sets out details of a proposed 14.44 hectare development along 10th Avenue/Rge. Rd. 14A, at NE 1/4 17-30-1-W5M, she said.

The applicant is Freedom Consulting and Al-Terra on behalf of Huttco Developments.

The plan area is primarily undeveloped land but contains an abandoned homestead. The surrounding land uses include residential to the north (future Heritage), and south (Parkview Estates), agricultural to the west, and a combination of light industrial and residential (future Carstairs Links) to the east.

The entire ASP area would be made up of residential and residential-supportive land uses. 

It would have 6.35 acres of low density residential district - single detached district, 9.19 acres of low density residential district - two dwelling district, 1.16 acres of medium density residential - attached dwelling district, 5.78 acres of manufactured home district, 4.08 space, 1.36 acres public utility, 7.76 acres roads.

Residential type should include detached dwellings, duplexes, semi-detached dwellings, four-plexes and six-plexes. The northern portion of the area would be for manufactured homes.

Water and wastewater services would be provided by connecting to existing mains in Milford Lane.

Stormwater management would be accomplished by the construction of a wet pond located in the southeast corner of the site adjacent to 10th Ave., with the pond outlets releasing to existing infrastructure.

With first reading accomplished, the ASP will be circulated to all external agencies and adjacent landowners for a period of 30 days.

During the circulation period, the applicant will proceed with public engagement. Because of the COVID pandemic, in-person events will not be held and instead a project website page will be created to provide information and garner input.

Input collected may be used to modify the ASP, and a public hearing will be held before second reading of the bylaw is considered.