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Near misses lead to Carstairs road changes

Increase in Carstairs Elementary School pick-ups and drop-offs along Ranch Road

CARSTAIRS - Town council has approved two road signage changes in town.

“There has been an increase of parents parking along Ranch Road to pick up and drop off their children at the Carstairs Elementary School,” administration said in a briefing note to council. “Children are crossing Ranch Road without looking for cars leading to near misses of being hit by vehicles.”

In response, during the Nov. 22 council meeting council approved having the town change the west side of Ranch Road to a no-stopping zone and then allow parking on the east side of the road.

There have also been several near misses along Veterans Way and 12th Avenue North from Downie Street to Gough Road, council heard.

In response, a test project will be undertaken changing the yield signs to stop signs at the intersections of Centre Street, Osler Street and Hammond Street along Veterans Way.

The test project will last six months “to gain feedback from the residents who live in the area and the general public who travel through the downtown area.”